Tour of Eritrea 2017

April 15 to 23

7th Edition

Route & Stages

Since the first cycling races in Eritrea in 1946, the Tour of Eritrea has reflected the complex geography of the country. Today, the varied cultural and geographic landscape of Eritrea has produced world class riders. The Stages of the Tour of Eritrea provides cyclists with the opportunity to prove there mettle on western plains to the eastern mountains.


The Route stretches the breadth of Eritrea; riders speeding 670 km through three climatic regions.


Challenges & Circuits

Zura Eritrea Stages

  • Stage 1 – (April 18) Dbarwa to Keren
  • Stage 2 – (April 19) Keren to Barentu
  • Stage 3 – (April 20) Dekamhare to Mendefera
  • Stage 4 – (April 21) Mendefera to Massawa
  • Stage 5 – (April 22) Massawa to Asmara