Zemenfes with Three Jerseys!

The Tour of Eritrea continues on the 22nd of April for its 5th and final stage. The 5th stage covers 117 kms from Massawa to Asmara. The race started after a heartfelt farewell from the inhabitants of Massawa. Today’s race is all about climbing. The difficult ascent towards the capital city, Asmara, is situated 2345 […]

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Amanuel’s Attack and an Angry Meron

The second stage of the Tour of Eritrea is today, April 19th, from Hagaz to Asmara (117 kms). The race left Hagaz at 9:00. As is common, the riders burst of speed from the start line was aggressive, but could not maintained as the peloton raced up the mountain from Hagaz to Keren. In spite […]

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Two Jerseys for Meron!

The first stage of the Tour of Eritrea officially starts today the 18th of April. The first stage comprises 125.75 kms extending from Dbarwa to Keren. The first stage also includes: one category 2 climb at 12.29 kms, another climb of category 4 at 56.75 kms and two intermediate sprints at Adi Tekelezan and in […]

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Massawa Circuit’s Youngest Rider Blazes to the Finish

Today the Massawa Circuit raced through the ancient port city of Massawa. The race started at 8 AM and included 12 laps through the city – for a total of 121.2 kms. Although Massawa is typically quite warm the weather for the race was pleasant. So differently from yesterday’s challenge in which riders had to […]

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Zura Eritrea 2017 Opening Challenge

The Tour of Eritrea (Code 2.2) is around the corner, it is officially scheduled to commence on the 17th of April. The Tour of Eritrea is hosting four national teams and six clubs. It also encompasses three challenges which add color to the overall tour. They are: the Fenkil challenge, the Circuit of Massawa and […]

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