April 23, 2017

The Asmara Circuit Thrills

The Asmara Circuit was held today, Sunday the 23rd of April, following the week-long Tour of Eritrea. Today’s circuit was 14 laps of 11.4 kms each. The category 4 climb near to the Ministry of Information awards 3 points to the first riders getting through, 2 points to the second and 1 point to the rider in third place. The race started with a moment of silence in honor of an Astona rider who passed last night.

Non-Eritrean riders in this year’s Tour have generally been excellent sprinters. Clint Trevino Hendricks of South Africa is an example. The Asmara Circuit was a thrilling race to watch – starting with speed that seemed to accelerate with every lap. Riders from the Rwandan National Team and Team Global kept leaving the race in the middle.

Michael Habtom (#64) of Eritel sprinted, leading the race since the 4th lap. Michael built a time of difference of 00:00:58. Chasing the breakaway was Yohanes Tesfai (#94). The following group included Meron Teshome of Bike Aid, Saimon Mussie and Zemenfes Selomun of the Eritrean National Team.

Michael Habtom won the race leading by almost a whole minute. He was followed by Yohanes Tesfay and Saimon Mussie.